We teach the Traditional Art of Tang Soo Do.

Literally translated the word “Tang” means T’ang dynasty of China which reflects the shared cultural background between China and Korea.  “Soo” means hand, but also implies fist, punch, strike or defense.  And “Do” means way of life.  Traced back more than 2000 years to the Korean peninsula, it is a method of empty hand and foot, weapon fighting based on the scientific use of the body in self-defense.


Tang Soo Do is based on the principles of yielding, circular motion and penetration.  However, as an art, it combines all aspects such as effort to live with the development principles, defensive and offensive skills, handling weapons, developing power and living a healthy and harmonious life physically and mentally.  It is a defensive martial art and should never be used violently or excessively.


Tang Soo Do is also a harmonious training of body, mind and spirit.  It is not a sport, and is much more than self-defense.  Its most important aspect is a way to enter total tranquility – Moo Shim – which is the most powerful and peaceful state of being.

Year round programs in the Art of Tang Soo Do:


  • Little Dragons ages 4-7

  • Youth & Adults

  • Boy & Girl Scout Programs

  • Self-Defense

  • Special Clinics

  • Evening & Saturday classes

We teach & reinforce the following positive values:


Integrity, Concentration, Perseverance,Respect & Obedience, Self-Control, Humility, Indomitable

Our programs are designed to develop a positive character in children through strict guidelines and a fun atmosphere at the same time.  Children will feel more confident as they build self-esteem.  They will learn teamwork, patience and an increased sense of responsibility.  Tang Soo Do can be the beginning of a road leading to a healthy and happy life.

Hours of Operations


Little Dragons – Ages 4-7

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 6:00PM – 6:45PM


Youth only Classes – Ages 7-12

Thursday: 6:50PM – 7:35PM


Youth and Adults – All Ranks & Ages

Tuesday & Friday: 6:50PM – 7:35PM and

Saturday: 10:00AM – 11:00AM


Red Belt & above – Tuesday: 7:40PM – 8:25PM


Green Belt & above – Friday: 7:40PM – 8:25PM


Adults Only – Ages 13 & above

Thursday: 7:40PM – 8:25PM


Advanced Rank Class – Cho Dan Bo & above

Mondays: 6:30PM – 8:00PM

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